Newswire: Jamie Foxx in talks to play grown-up kingpin in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver

Looks like there will be some onscreen adult supervision in Edgar Wright’s Baby DriverDeadline reports that established grown-up Jamie Foxx is set to play a crime boss who’s probably the villain of the film and not, say, puberty. Wright is writing and directing the film, which will star Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Stars) as a baby-faced getaway driver who “relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack.”

Our initial impression of the film’s premise was that it sounded like some kind of Kidz Bop version of Drive, but Wright could just be steering into the skid. The film is listed under the action, comedy, and crime genres on IMDb, so maybe the writer-director is sending up such car-and-crime dramas as Bullet or The French Connection. He could also be working on a long overdue homage to Gone In 60 Seconds or License To Drive …

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