Newswire: James Woods is now getting sued for something he said on Twitter

Famed Twitter litigant (and occasional actor) James Woods has suddenly been faced with the less fun side of his “sue anyone who speaks ill of me online” philosophy, with a woman he incorrectly identified as a Nazi supporter on Twitter now taking him to court for $3 million in damages.

The case stems from a March 2016 tweet, in which Woods loudly questioned whether a woman photographed giving a Nazi salute at a Trump rally was Bernie Sanders supporter Portia Boulger. Smelling one of their beloved “false flag” operations in the works, Woods’ horde of online supporters and screaming eggs quickly spread the idea around, leading to it being retweeted by Donald Trump, Jr. Once it became clear that Boulger was not, in fact, a subtle provocateur infiltrating the Trump camp in order to magically transform some of its members into Nazis, Trump deleted the tweet. But it took Woods …

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