Newswire: James Gunn says Guardians Vol. 3 will happen, whether or not he directs it

We’ve not yet seen Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, which is due out on May 5, but the trailers suggest the sequel is every bit the clever, action-packed movie that the first volume was, if not more so. Director James Gunn has doubled down on everything here: the firepower and the star power (Kurt Russell is Star-Lord’s dad for cryin’ out loud); the cuteness, the Grootness, and the blueness (watching Nebula and Drax trying to get along is delightful). Naturally, this has promoted discussion about a third entry in the franchise, which Gunn says is an inevitability. What’s unclear is whether he’ll direct it.

Gunn spoke with Complex about the possibility of returning for Guardians Vol. 3 while doing the press rounds for The Belko Experiment, a movie that makes all other office spats pale in comparison.

There will be a Guardians 3, that’s …

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