Newswire: James Gunn once tried to make an R-rated Hitman movie

On paper, the Hitman video game series seems like a good fit for a movie. It centers on a character with a reasonably iconic—and very easy to replicate—aesthetic, it’s all about killing people in creative or entertaining ways, and what little plot there is usually happens to be so unnecessary that even diehard fans might not notice if you scrapped all of it. And yet, the two Hitman movies that did come out were both largely terrible, with one wasting the talents of Timothy Olyphant and the other wasting the talents of pretty much everyone involved.

However, we could’ve actually had a good Hitman movie years ago if the studio hadn’t been so ironically gun shy. As reported by IGN, Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn recently revealed on Twitter that he once pitched a Hitman movie of his own, but the producers passed …

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