Newswire: James Cromwell sentenced to a week in jail after power-plant protest

James Cromwell’s love of all living things isn’t just a charade he puts on whenever he needs to make a few extra bucks on the Babe convention circuit. In fact, he’s been an activist since the 1960s, when he was a member of the pro-Black Panther political group Committee to Defend the Panthers. These days, Cromwell—who became a vegan on the set of Babe back in 1995—is more involved with animal rights and environmental causes, and has been arrested at protests against everything from animal experimentation at the University of Wisconsin to the building of a power plant in New York State. That latter arrest has led to the 77-year-old actor being sentenced to a week in jail for his role in a December 2015 sit-in, Variety reports.

Cromwell was among a group of six activists arrested while protesting the building of a Competitive Power …

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