Newswire: James Cromwell joins Jurassic World 2 as one of the men who first cloned dinosaurs

Thanks to a cartoon DNA strand, the original Jurassic Park makes it clear that Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond is the guy who the entire project that made cloning dinosaurs possible, but it sounds like Jurassic World 2 might be throwing a new wrinkle into that backstory. As reported by Looper, James Cromwell stopped by Larry King Now this week and not only confirmed that he’s in Jurassic World 2, but also that he’s playing a character who could be hugely important to the core mythology of the series. He says that he’s playing a guy named Benjamin Lockwood, who was John Hammond’s “partner” back in the day and even helped him develop the dinosaur cloning technology that made Jurassic Park possible.

Assuming that’s all accurate, this is a pretty big retcon for the Jurassic Park series. Beyond John Hammond’s company, the original movie …

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