Newswire: James Corden and Ilana Glazer to voice T.J. Miller’s emoji pals in EmojiMovie

Sony is adding to the voice cast of its shameless attempt to recreate the success of The Lego Movie, now titled EmojiMovie: Express Yourself. T.J. Miller has already signed on to play Gene, the protagonist who is an outcast because he’s capable of “multiple expressions.” Now the studio announced that James Corden is taking on the role of Gene’s bestie Hi-5—who, yes, is a hand symbol—and Ilana Glazer has been tapped as “the notorious code breaker emoji Jailbreak.” No word yet on who is playing the poop pictured above. The three emojis will set out on what Sony is annoyingly calling an “app-venture” to solve Gene’s problem, though they will probably discover that conformity is bad on their journey, which gets derailed by a ”greater danger” to their smartphone home.

Corden will also be featured in this fall’s upcoming Trolls, meaning that the …

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