Newswire: James Caan to co-star in Fox’s fantasy football pilot with Kevin Connolly

Fantasy football is pretty popular with huge nerds who refuse to acknowledge how nerdy they are, so Fox has decided to finally embrace this cool trend that has been sweeping the nation for the last 50 years or so and make a TV show about fantasy football. Actually, it’s surprising that Fox—or one of its basic cable brothers like FX or FXX—hasn’t thought of this already. A show about a group of bros who all play fantasy football in the same league, and the league gets together every week to (ostensibly) talk about fantasy football, but in actuality they just goof around and make fun of Paul Scheer. Also, Jason Mantzoukas is sometimes there.

Anyway, Fox’s new fantasy football show is nothing like that, because a show like that would never last for more than seven seasons. The new project—which is just a pilot …

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