Newswire: Jackass’ Steve-O arrested for protesting SeaWorld by climbing a crane

While Johnny Knoxville is spending his post-Jackass years trying to make a sitcom about his life, another former Jackass star is using his penchant for stupidity to raise awareness about how much he hates SeaWorld. At least that’s the story Steve-O gave when he was arrested recently after climbing up a crane in Hollywood, dropping a killer whale balloon that had “SeaWorld Sucks” painted on it, and then setting off fireworks. It does seem hard to misinterpret his message there.

Unfortunately, like most things Steve-O has done in his life, this stunt wasn’t cleared through any proper channels, so Los Angeles’ emergency services didn’t know if he was a former Jackass star protesting animal cruelty or just some other guy with a tattoo of his own face who had somehow gotten stuck at the top of a 100-foot crane and needed to be rescued. Because of …

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