Newswire: Jack Black is still alive, but musicians are under siege from Twitter hackers

Famous bands and musicians of Twitter, lock your doors and bar your windows because there are hackers on the loose! Anyone whose Twitter bio says something like “Check out the new album on so-and-so records!” with a link to a merch store is in danger, especially if they skew toward the indie/alternative side of things and are reasonably famous. At this point, the biggest victims we’re aware of are Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Kieth Richards, and Tenacious D, but there could be any number of obscure nobodies out there whose accounts have been hijacked—it’s just that people only really notice when it happens to someone famous.

Word of most of these hacks comes from Pitchfork, which caught on to Tame Impala’s attack before the others. Apparently, the band’s Twitter account began posting links to (presumably) the hacker’s real social media accounts—which sounds …

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