Newswire: J.K. Simmons to explore a parallel dimension in new Starz series

J.K. Simmons seems to have finally reached the point in his career where he might not have to be in commercials anymore, and all he had to do was win an Oscar to do it. Or maybe not: Deadline reports that the Whiplash star will play the lead role in Counterpart, a new supernatural thriller series. On the one hand, Morten Tyldum, director of The Imitation Game, has signed on to direct the first two episodes, which is very fancy. On the other, it’s going to be on Starz, and the size of the episode order has yet to be set, so Simmons might want to renew his Farmers Insurance contract just to be safe.

Simmons will star as Howard Silk, a low-ranking bureaucratic official working for the UN who, in Deadline‘s surprisingly poetic words, “is turning the last corner of a life filled with regret.” That …

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