Newswire: J.K. Simmons’ reign of yelling continues with Emile Hirsch and The Runaround

Nothing raises a young actor’s profile in Hollywood these days like getting yelled at by Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons. Whether he’s venting about drumming, Terminators, or that damnable public menace Spider-Man, Simmons and his fiery vocal cords are the latest crucible in which a young thespian’s mettle might be tested. Now, actor Emile Hirsch—himself no stranger to inappropriate bursts of rage and violence—is set to withstand Simmons’ legendary ire in a new comedy from The Art Of Getting By director Gavin Wiesen. The pair will star together in The Runaround, which will see Simmons as a “workaholic father” who’s forced to recruit his daughter‘s awkward ex-boyfriend (Hirsch) in an effort to find her, presumably while speaking in a calm, measured voice and phrasing all his needs as polite requests.

The Runaround will mark Hirsch’s first major project since the Into …

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