Newswire: iZombie to premiere March 17, introduce the term “ZILF”to the cultural lexicon

During the upfront presentation for the CW’s iZombie, executive producer Rob Thomas—once again, the Veronica Mars guy, not the Matchbox Twenty guy—joked that his new series would be more accurately called “ZILFs,” which stands, presumably, for “Zombies I’d Like to Finish off, maybe with a shovel, because who would want to have sex with an animated corpse?” (Besides the guy who directed this.)

In addition to instilling confusing messages in a generation of young people, iZombie will reportedly be a “case of the week” procedural where protagonist Liv (Rose McIver) will help solve murders by eating the brains of murder victims, thus absorbing their thoughts, skills, and memories. She eats them with chopsticks, because she is quirky. She is also undead, having been attacked by zombies at a fateful costume party; as a result, she is very pale, but otherwise seems fine. And like the zombies …

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