Newswire: It’s Stephen Colbert versus the Republicans’ zombie health care bill on Late Night

Appropriately for a night where he spoke with affable zombie maven Max Brooks, Stephen Colbert, in his opening monologue on Monday’s Late Show, took up arms against the seemingly impossible-to-kill GOP Obamacare repeal effort. Like the hackiest Hollywood horrors, the Republicans’ plan to deprive (by the most conservative estimates) tens of millions of Americans of health insurance rose Monday like that slasher that we should have stabbed one last time to be sure, jump-scaring the crap out of those who thought its three successive recent defeats had rid the world of its rampaging, Ayn Randian evil once and for all. But Colbert, not fooled, figured out why the bill had failed to pass even the Republican-ruled Senate, explaining that previous, equally odious versions didn’t succeed in its intended mass killing spree because “people knew what was in their bill.”

Not so this time, as Colbert laid out the …

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