Newswire: It’s Simpsons Week on The A.V. Club

This Wednesday, January 14, 2015, marks the 25th anniversary of “Bart The Genius,” the second half-hour episode of The Simpsons and the show’s debut as a weekly primetime series. In honor of this historic occasion, The A.V. Club will be running Simpsons-themed content all week long, a running tribute to a towering achievement in popular culture—a TV show without which this website might not exist. (Certainly the comments would be a lot quieter without a reliable well of Simpsons quotes to pull from.) We’ve already posted an Inventory charting the evolutions of 12 Simpsons supporting players; stay tuned for Simpsonsized takes on other regular features like For Our Consideration, We’re No.1 , Hear This, and Watch This. Then, on Wednesday, our look back at 25 years of The Simpsons goes even wider, as we consider the show’s impact on the last quarter-century …

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