Newswire: It’s Rumor Time: The Bond franchise might be getting its first female director

There’s an inherent masculinity to James Bond, one that’s often flirted with, seduced, and occasionally even enthusiastically romped with outright sexism over the years. And while purists might argue that a certain retrograde machismo is central to (at least some incarnations of) the character, there’s no logical reason that Bond’s dim view of half the human population needs to extend to the movie’s behind-the-camera staff as well. And yet, in the 50-year, 20-odd-film history of the franchise, not a single woman has ever directed or written a James Bond film.

That might finally be changing, according to a rumor being reported on by The Guardian. The paper is claiming that Susanne Bier—whose recent BBC/AMC miniseries The Night Manager is starting to look like a covert Bond audition tape—is supposedly on the short list of new directors for the franchise. If selected, Bier …

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