Newswire: It’s Rumor Time: That live-action Akira movie will be a trilogy

It’s been a while since we checked in on everyone’s favorite eternally-in-development project, the live-action adaptation of the classic anime film Akira. Like some sort of biomechanical arm, every new update just seems to replace the old one, which disappears as though severed by orbital laser. In June, word around the it’s-better-as-animation campfire was Daredevil co-showrunner Marco Ramirez had been hired to pen the adaptation, news that made people who like ambiguous news happy. And now, there’s a couple of even juicier pieces of news, if by news, you mean “rumors,” and by juicier, you mean “plausible and implausible in equal measure.”

Den Of Geek reports the live-action Akira is actually being turned into a trilogy, which would make sense, as it follows the current laws of Hollywood, where nothing is allowed to be a stand-alone film if it might be even remotely successful …

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