Newswire: It’s Rumor Time: Is Warner Bros. trying to retire Ben Affleck’s Batman?

Given that it’s a team-up between one of the world’s most popular actors, and one of its most beloved superheroes, Warner Bros.’ Ben Affleck/Batman sub-franchise has gotten off to a shockingly rocky start. Although Affleck seemed comfortable enough in the part in Batman V. Superman—and even agreed to some light cameo duty in Suicide Squad—trouble has continued to plague the standalone film version of The Batman for months now. First, Affleck opted out of directing the movie, and, when the film finally did find someone to helm it—Planet Of The Apes mastermind Matt Reeves—he ended up tossing the script Affleck had written for it.

Back in February, rumors started circulating that Affleck wanted out of the part, and it’s starting to sound like the feeling might be mutual. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has some speculation on Batfleck’s future fate, noting that …

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