Newswire: It’s Rumor Time: Is Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo movie?

Hollywood got something of a shake-up today, when it was abruptly reported that Lego Movie masterminds Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had parted ways with Disney’s standalone Han Solo movie due to “creative differences.” (Or, as a number of outlets are reporting, because they got fired.) Some sources are pinning the break-up on Star Wars head honcho Kathleen Kennedy, while others, including The Hollywood Reporter, have pointed to conflicts between Lord and Miller’s improvisation-friendly approach, and screenwriter and producer Lawrence Kasdan’s devotion to what’s written on the page. Either way: the Han Solo movie needs a new director, and everyone is trying to figure out who it’ll be.

And while Kasdan—whose directing credits include The Big Chill, Wyatt Earp, and Dreamcatcher—has been put forward as a potential replacement (presumably because he knows what he, himself, wants to fix with what Lord and Miller …

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