Newswire: It’s Love Week at The A.V. Club

Now that a marmot has predicted an early spring, it’s time to celebrate the second most-romantic holiday of February—Valentine’s Day. In honor of this petal-strewn, chocolate-filled occasion, The A.V. Club brings you our annual Love Week, a tribute to Eros and conversation hearts, and the havoc (and happiness) they wreak on earth.

Today, we reveal the answers to your most burning romantic queries as provided by Hannibal Buress, who is this year’s ersatz love guru. There’s also an Inventory of the many interrupted sessions of sexual congress we’ve encountered on screen (and occasionally in song), as well as a rumination on Bridget Jones’s Diary and its elevation of the art of self-deprecation. Later this week, we’ll have a list of the most essential romantic comedies, as well as a look at some of the most one-sided relationships ever. And over at …

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