Newswire: It’s Baldwin versus McKinnon as SNL unveils its new Donald Trump

Saturday Night Live returned last night for its 42nd season of sometimes-wobbly political satire and celebrity impressions. Lucky on both counts then that SNL guru Lorne Michaels (reportedly at the urging of his former employee/Baldwin’s former boss Tina Fey) dug into his “super famous friends” file and persuaded 16-time SNL host and noted politics junkie Alec Baldwin to take over as the show’s Donald Trump.

After the exit of sometime Trump Taran Killam over the summer, and the return of longtime Trump Darrell Hammond to the announcer’s booth, Baldwin is reportedly geared up to channel The Donald throughout the season. And presumably beyond, if, God help us, he’s needed for four years of a Trump administration. (Hammond showed up in last night’s premiere as Bill Clinton, so at least his master impressionist’s skills won’t be totally wasted just booming out “Bobby Moynihan …

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