Newswire: It “Feels Like Summer,” so Weezer shares new single and tour dates

Half the country’s just been covered in snow, but Weezer thinks it “Feels Like Summer.” In addition to announcing new tour dates for North America and Europe, the band has just released the first song off its upcoming album, which will be out sometime later this year. ”It Feels Like Summer” feels like modern-day Weezer, with its simple chorus paired with heavy production. The harmonies end up sounding a bit muted to us, but have a listen or check out the video below.

It’s just a taste of what’s to come on Weezer’s new album, the band’s 11th. Rivers Cuomo and the guys will perform it on TV for the first time on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week, proving that Kimmel isn’t just focused on Marvel exclusives. Weezer will also do some heavy touring later this year, beginning with the Crush Music showcase in …

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