Newswire: Iron Man isn’t invited to the next Spider-Man movie, but a different Marvel hero will be

Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark has been a huge part of the marketing for Spider-Man: Homecoming (especially on one particular poster), but he’s not going to become a regular part of the new Spider-Man movies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iron Man won’t appear in the Homecoming sequel, but Sony has worked out a deal with Marvel Studios to get some “to-be-determined” superhero from the MCU in his place. We have no idea who that might be, and THR doesn’t offer any clues, but there’s really only a handful of characters that would feel as appropriate in Spider-Man’s world as Tony Stark does.

Captain America seems like a reasonably safe bet, but Chris Evans already seems to be stretching the limits of how many superhero movies he’s willing to do. Thor would be weird, Hulk would be a little weird, Hawkeye would be …

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