Newswire: Iowa Republican pushing education reform got his degree from Sizzler

Amid the most pressing concerns being addressed by newly appointed U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, besides bears, is the proliferation of liberal college professors, whom DeVos believes are telling their students what to say, do, and “more ominously, what to think.” Ensuring these students also vaguely hear some conservative stuff while flipping through Instagram has now become a national concern, one recently championed in a bill introduced by Mark Chelgren, a Republican state senator in Iowa, that would force faculty members to declare their political affiliations, then pass on hiring them if they tipped the school’s scales toward a liberal majority. It is a very dumb bill—“one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in 15 years here,” his fellow state Senator Sen. Herman Quirmbach declared, even counting Chelgren’s 2016 bill to prohibit the University of Iowa from ever cooperating with Stanford University until it apologized …

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