Newswire: Internet’s boyfriend Kit Harington keeps the mystery alive in new interview

(Hey, don’t get all mad at us if this Newswire tells you something you didn’t want to know about something that happened on Game Of Thrones back in June, because we’re telling you now and also that was back in June.)

Maybe-former Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington has replaced Benedict Cumberbatch as the internet’s boyfriend in recent months, leaving the Sherlock star to seethe with silent froggy jealousy as the digital hive mind obsesses over the length of Harington’s (tousled, sexy) hair with the fervor with which it used to greet Cumberbatch unbuttoning his shirt. In Harington’s case, though, there is actually a textual justification for the follicular fixation, namely that he’s said that he hates his Jon Snow hairdo and therefore would, probably, cut it off if he didn’t have to keep it for work (i.e., if Jon Snow …

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