Newswire: Instagram launches scripted series, Shield 5

There are people who will watch the nearly four-hour epic Lawrence of Arabia in one sitting, and then there are those who prefer to break up their entertainment into, say, 15-second segments. Members of the latter group will be thrilled to find out that social-media platform Instagram has launched a new scripted show called Shield 5, which will be told in 28 15-second chunks airing throughout February. Deadline reports that each episode of the show—created and directed by Anthony Wilcox (Hello Carter)—will also feature a photograph intrinsic to the story. The photographs will work in tandem with the videos to create what is being dubbed “social cinema,” presumably not a euphemism for movie-theater audiences that talk at the screen.

The show follows security driver John Swift, who “is arrested for his involvement in a diamond heist and subsequent death of a colleague. Determined to prove his innocence, he …

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