Newswire: Innocence ends for good as Winnie The Pooh’s skull goes on display

Ah, science: righter of wrongs, demolisher of false beliefs, corrector of childhood fantasies. The same commitment to exacting facticity that brought us proof of other galaxies is now being trained on the naive imaginations of millions of children, as The New York Times reports that the skull of Winnie The Pooh has been put on display in the Hunterian Museum in London. Though the article doesn’t mention it, it’s also safe to assume the museum will be planning a live vivisection of Dora The Explorer, a streaming video of Bambi being turned into a coat, and an upcoming Blu-ray release of Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web being devoured by her children.

Technically, the willy nilly silly old skull going on display at the museum is that of Winnipeg, the bear who served as A.A. Milne’s inspiration for the classic children’s character. Winnipeg was a fixture …

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