Newswire: Inherent Vice’s Katherine Waterston to star in Ridley Scott’s new Alien movie

The Hollywood Reporter is declaring that Inherent Vice co-star Katherine Waterston has been cast in Alien: Covenant, or whatever the hell Ridley Scott is calling his Alien prequel/Prometheus sequel on this particular week. Plot details about the film are being kept quiet, but based on the franchise’s track record, we’re guessing Waterston is in for a pretty bad, xenomorph-heavy time.

Potential self-induced monster miscarriages aside, though, Waterston has had a pretty great year as an actress; after co-starring last December in P. T. Anderson’s Inherent Vice, she had prominent roles in Steve Jobs and Alex Ross Perry’s Queen Of Earth, and will co-star next year in the Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. (The magical creatures in question hopefully not including acid-blooded killing machines designed only to propagate and destroy.)

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