Newswire: In what seems like an obvious choice, one of those Transformers spinoffs might be about Bumblebee

To a casual film buff, the robots in the Transformers movies probably seem like extremely dull characters with about as much personality as actual cars. Of course, a reading like that is patently absurd, since even a cursory viewing of these movies makes it clear that the Autobots and Decepticons are perfectly well-rounded characters that each have their own thoughts and desires. In fact, most of these robots are so fully-realized that they seem even more real than some people.

Of all the Transformers, though, none—not even Optimus Prime or Megatron—merits as much exploration as Bumblebee, the yellow guy who can’t talk. What does Bumblebee (“Bee” to his friends) dream of when he’s not waging his battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons? Is he happy being a Camaro or does he miss being a Volkswagen Beetle? Has he ever been in love? Does …

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