Newswire: IMDb introduces “F” rating for female-focused movies

An idea that started on the British film festival circuit will now reach a much wider audience, as online film database IMDb (motto: “message boards are for nerds”) has added a new rating, “F” for “female,” to its site. The idea originated with Bath Film Festival director Holly Tarquini, who began using the “F” symbol to highlight films that were written and/or directed by a woman, or which showed “significant women [characters] on screen in their own right,” in 2014. Since then, the idea has caught on among strident feminist harpies across the U.K., presumably as part of a master plan to eliminate the male sex by only catering to them some of the time.

And now the threat has gone international, as IMDb founder and CEO Col Needham has turned against his fellow men by adding the “F” rating to IMDb as well. Where it will be …

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