Newswire: IMAX to make its own blockbusters, has to do everything around here

In Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Letter To D’Alembert On Spectacles, the legendary French thinker chastises the theater for dumbing down citizens, corrupting their morals, and weakening the spirit of a society. “Also,” he adds at the end, “that 2015 Fantastic Four movie is just going to royally suck shit.” When Hollywood doesn’t make blockbuster popcorn extravaganzas, however, something far worse than the corruption of society happens: IMAX gets annoyed. The Wrap reports the giant-screen specialist is looking to move into the content production game, creating its own movies and other programming in the near future. After all, who wants to see a sequel to Dunston Checks In unless it’s projected on a screen 80 feet long?

“There were no blockbuster movies released in August, there were none last week and none this coming weekend,” says Greg Foster, throwing some serious shade at Fantastic Four and The Man From …

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