Newswire: Image Expo exclusive: Emi Lenox explores her Japanese heritage in Tadaima

Image Comics has already published two volumes of Emi Lenox’s personal journals as Emitown graphic novels, and their relationship continues this year with the release of a new autobiographical work outside of the Emitown banner. Announced today at Image Expo 2015, Tadaima is a travelogue of Lenox’s recent return to Japan after 12 years away, a time in which she lost both of her grandparents. Lenox and her mother traveled together to renew the sotoba—a wooden grave marker—at her grandparents’ tomb, and her personal experience abroad is detailed in painted watercolor journal entries, a shift from her digital work on Emitown.

“[Tadaima] is more centralized on a specific event, whereas my past comics were more about day-to-day life,” Lenox tells The A.V. Club via email. “I really wanted to capture all of the emotions that I had when I went to Japan. It felt like …

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