Newswire: Iliza Shlesinger raises hackles by chastising her fellow female comics

Iliza Schlesinger, a stand-up comedian and host of Freeform’s Truth & Iliza, finds herself at the center of a tweetstorm today. It started when she gave an interview to Deadline where, without naming any names, she criticizes women in the stand-up scene who make a calculated attempt to “act like a guy” by talking about sex on stage in order to further their careers. Here’s what she said:

When you’re a woman in comedy and you get a break, people get so excited about it, but while we have to work hard to get that attention, I do think many women think, “Oh if I just act like a guy, if I go for that low hanging fruit…” Everything’s about sex, or how weird I am. It all just kind of runs together.

I could walk into The Improv, close my eyes, and I can’t …

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