Newswire: Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, and Grace Jones to star in Teutonic supernatural silent Western

On its face, casting Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Grace Jones, and Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes in a single movie sounds bonkers. But seeing as that movie is the dark fairy tale Gutterdämmerung, “The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth,” created by photographer and video director Björn Tagemose, it makes more sense.

In the cast announcement video, Tagemose describes the project as visual storytelling, and what little dialog there is has been written by Rollins, who also stars as a priest. Rollins explains that the movie will not be watched in the “traditional way,” but that the audience will stand for this “very loud, fully immersive experience.” Or, as Hughes puts it, “think of classic silent films, with a real band, playing your favorite music, instead of that piano. Rock and roll man. And pyro, from Hell.” In other words, this is probably not a sequel to The …

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