Newswire: IFC renews Comedy Bang! Bang! for a fifth season

Tell your wife: IFC has renewed Comedy Bang! Bang! for a fifth season. The network has ordered 20 more half-hour episodes of the show, which isn’t terribly surprising considering IFC has a record of sticking by its comedy series, and because the show gets some pretty good guests for a surrealist talk show that airs at 11 p.m. on Fridays on cable. Asked for comment on the renewal, host Scott Aukerman says, “I’m all out of funny quotes. Instead, enjoy this picture of a dog with sunglasses on its butt”:

It’s the fifth season, okay? Give the guy a break. A hopefully rested and refreshed Aukerman, new bandleader Kid Cudi, the plants, the talking deer head, and the couch will return on IFC in some time in 2016.

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