Newswire: IFC is developing a comedy about getting revenge on your exes

Revenge may be making its dramatic exit soon, but comedy writers Erin Simon and Kim Karp could soon fill TV’s revenge void. The duo just sold the half-hour spec script 101 Ways To Kill Your Ex, a comedy about the universally relatable experience of seeking vengeance on evil exes, to IFC. The story centers on a woman and a man who team up to take down their respective former lovers, effectively avoiding the cliché about a woman scorned and making revenge-seeking an equal opportunity sport.

In 2012, Karp and Simon sold a feature comedy script titled—brace yourselves—The Incredible True Story of Jessica & Drew Who Accidentally Boned On The Way To The Wedding. Okay, breathe. The project is currently in development at Fox 2000, with Mason Novick and Karen Rosenfelt producing.

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