Newswire: Idris Elba might play Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower adaptation

According to Deadline, Idris Elba is currently the frontrunner to star as the Gunslinger himself, Roland Deschain, in Sony’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower books. This comes almost a month after a report came out that Sony was trying to get Matthew McConaughey for the role of The Man In Black/Randall Flagg, an (almost) immortal villain who pops up in a ton of different King books, not to mention the endless internet arguments about whether or not Elba should play the next James Bond. Roland may not be a suave and womanizing spy, but he is a rugged cowboy who carries around a pair of revolvers made from his universe’s equivalent of Excalibur, so that’s a bit cooler than a watch that shoots lasers or whatever.

For those who haven’t read the Dark Tower books, Roland is basically Frodo from Lord Of The …

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