Newswire: Idina Menzel and John Legend will perform before the Super Bowl

Katy Perry might be headlining the—deep breath—Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, but that’s not the only singing that will happen that day. After all, if singing isn’t the most important part of Super Bowl Sunday, then what is? Well, football, obviously…and commercials. Singing is up there somewhere, at least. Anyway, Idina Menzel and John Legend will be taking on some America-centric musical numbers before the game starts. Menzel will sing the national anthem, and Legend—who is fresh off of a Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination for his song “Glory” from Selma—will sing “America The Beautiful.”

Now, Idina Menzel being Idina Menzel, she’ll probably kill it, and the crowd will want her to do an encore. But we think she should resist the urge to pull out the crowd-pleasing “Let It Go” from Frozen. After all, that song has barely anything …

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