Newswire: ICP accused of plagiarizing from Chicken Soup For The Soul

Those hunting around for some sort of cheap guidance and surface-level connection to community—preferably equipped with low-level mysticism and an affordable price tag, to boot—have a couple of options available to them, based on their opinion of rapping murder clowns. If they fall on the good side of the killer clown debate, they can find solace in the Insane Clown Posse (Sample guidance: “Fuck everybody on the east/ Eat shit and die/ Or fuck off at least.”) If not: Chicken Soup for The Soul. (These are the two dichotomous poles that perfectly define the human heart.)

So it was, perhaps, inevitable that these two dispensers of bargain bin wisdom would come into conflict, with poet Stan Gebhardt accusing ICP maestro Violent J of plagiarizing his poem “But You Didn’t,” first published in A 2nd Helping Of Chicken Soup For The Soul in 1993. Gebhardt’s complaint—in …

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