Newswire: Icky Blossoms offer a full virtual reality experience in the video for “Phantasmagoria”

On last year’s Mask, Icky Blossoms took another step in its electro-pop evolution. The Omaha-based band has found a fitting home with Saddle Creek Records, and though it’s odd for a label to release a video from an album track a full year after its release, “Phantasmagoria” warrants it. The video for “Phantasmagoria” is a full virtual reality experience, allowing people to explore every corner of the animation on YouTube. (It’s also available for download on the Oculus Rift.) Of the video’s genesis, Icky Blossoms guitarist Nik Facklet says:

We had been interested in VR since it started re-emerging as a thing and purchased an oculus rift specifically to start exploring what a new music video experience could be like. We really wanted to experiment and began looking for developers, when we randomly ran into this young guy, Eli, working on a 360 game at a …

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