Newswire: Hunger Games poster accidentally writes expletive across Jennifer Lawrence’s face

In the sort of hilarious mishap that could happen to anybody who is now extremely fired from their job as a graphic designer or social media person, the official Hunger Games Twitter feed accidentally put out an image that appeared to label series star Jennifer Lawrence with an unflattering anatomical term. In celebration of the fact that the final installment of the film series is only a hundred days away (and also, maybe, the good job they’d been doing not accidentally slathering vulgar slang for a woman’s vagina across the face of one of the world’s most bankable stars), the account tweeted out the following image to promote The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2:

If you’re having trouble seeing the issue, you might want to focus on the way the word “until” cuts across the final “0,” in “100,” making it inadvertently look like a “c …

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