Newswire: Human misery expert George R.R. Martin weighs in on the election

Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin—no stranger to the human race shooting itself in the collective foot with an elaborately described buffet of apathy, self-interest, and fear—has offered up some thoughts on the current American election cycle. (And before we all lose our minds, it’s worth noting that Martin is rumored to have finished a draft of The Winds Of Winter, briefly insulating him from the cries of A Song Of Ice And Fire fans slavering for fresh ink.) Writing from his home in New Mexico, Martin hopped onto his Livejournal account to pass on a few observations about the current political clime.

The author’s interest is mostly the campaign ads he’s been seeing, as his state becomes a contested battleground in the days leading up to November 8. Donald Trump’s ads, he notes, are standard attack ads, highlighting Hillary Clinton’s …

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