Newswire: Human Harris Faulkner suing Hasbro over cartoon hamster Harris Faulkner

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner is suing the Hasbro corporation for $5 million, claiming that a cartoon hamster doll that shares her name damages “her personal brand and laudable professional reputation.” The hamster, also named Harris Faulkner, is part of the latest reboot of the company’s Littlest Pet Shop brand, a line of cartoon animal dolls that appear to have been named like the kids of overachieving Generation X parents (or, we guess, like the parents of Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner). For reference, hamster Harris is sold in a package with another figurine, a Yorkie terrier who goes by the hideous sobriquet “Benson Detwyler.” (Apologies—and sympathies—to all the Benson Detwylers in the audience.)

Faulkner—the human one— has apparently been trying to get the doll discontinued for months now, claiming in her suit that, besides associating her name with a potential choking hazard—the kiss-of-death for …

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