Newswire: Hulu CEO says there isn’t too much TV, just too much “crappy” TV

Most scripted television aficionados maintain a large and ever-growing list of buzzed-about shows that they swear they’re going to get around to watching just as soon as they can find a spare 13 hours in their week. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins doesn’t see that as a problem, though: “My personal point of view is that there are too many crappy shows out there and not enough good shows,” Hopkins said yesterday at the Code/Media conference in Dana Point, California. “We’re all trying to make good shows.”

As the head of a streaming service that recently debuted the time-travel thriller series 11.22.63, this more-the-merrier attitude isn’t terribly shocking. Certainly not any more shocking than John Landgraf, president of basic cable network FX, lamenting the “peak TV” phenomenon—which floods our screens with a deluge of options and sends quality programs like FX’s The …

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