Newswire: Hulk #4 explores the aftershocks of trauma in this exclusive preview

Marvel’s new Hulk series is a severe departure from what fans have come to expect from Jen “She-Hulk” Walters, taking her away from her previous fun-loving personality as she deals with the trauma of Civil War II. After nearly dying and waking up from a coma to discover her cousin, Bruce “Hulk” Banner, has been killed, Jen Walters is in a very rough place, and writer Mariko Tamaki is using Jen’s situation to explore how trauma can dramatically change a person’s behavior. Working with artist Nico Leon and colorist Matt Milla, Tamaki is taking Jen on a tense new path, one that is far more concerned with exploring her unstable emotional state than delivering superhero spectacle. Dealing with trauma is a major theme of both Tamaki’s Hulk and her phenomenal Supergirl: Being Super miniseries, and she’s bringing depth to superhero narratives by delving deep into …

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