Newswire: Hugh Jackman wants to stick Tom Hardy with playing Wolverine in every movie

The X-Men are unique among top-run superhero franchises in that they feature a very broad ensemble. While the Spider-Man franchise is stuck doing reboot after reboot focused on Spider-Man, the X-Men have a large stable of characters to choose from. So you could do a movie focused on Wolverine, and then an ensemble piece that features Wolverine, and then for a change of pace, why not Wolverine?

Yes, there’s no doubt as to who the most popular X-Man is, and as a result, Hugh Jackman has been cursed with donning the adamantium claws in movie after movie, leaving him precious little time to lip-sync and hand out awards. But after three X-trilogies—the three where Captain Picard is Professor X, the soon-to-be-three where Professor X has hair (and Captain Picard is also in one), and the three that have Wolverine in the title (X-Men: Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine, and …

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