Newswire: Hugh Jackman says he will play Wolverine one last time

Despite that Wolverine doesn’t grow old, Hugh Jackman is keenly aware that he might, someday. Jackman has been suggesting that he wants to be done with the character for a while now, and he said last year that he would only sign on for another solo Wolverine movie if it’s “better than the last one”—because at a certain age you just get sick of eating 6,000 calories per day to get up to fighting weight.

It’s been a good run, though: the 46-year-old actor has played Wolverine seven times since Bryan Singer’s original X-Men film in 2000. That’s as many times as Sean Connery and Roger Moore played James Bond. Yes, we’re counting Jackman’s cameo in X-Men: First Class. If you don’t like it, you can go back to beating your entire family at Scene It.

Anyway, the script for …

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