Newswire: Hugh Jackman reflects on 17 years of accidentally stabbing himself, others on set

After embodying the character for 17 years, Hugh Jackman is hanging up Logans claws. It’s a bittersweet moment for fans as well as the actor; Jackman did play Wolverine over the course of nine movies (some better than others), so he’s bound to get a little misty-eyed while on the promotional trail for his final bow. In addition to reminiscing about the insane regimen needed to get his body into peak Wolverine shape—which, even as Old Man Logan, is still pretty impressive—Jackman’s been fondly recalling all the times he accidentally stabbed people while on set.

Jackman’s almost wistful in this Entertainment Weekly interview, as he tells the publication about all the X-Men franchise actors he pierced while in character. “I can’t tell you how many people I stabbed, how I stabbed myself,” Jackman said. “They were killing machines.” Early on, he stabbed …

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