Newswire: Howard The Duck star Lea Thompson dubs herself “the first Marvel queen”

Guardians Of The Galaxy sort of introduced classic comic icon Howard The Duck to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his first big-screen adventure came out more than 30 years ago. Now, the human star of Howard The Duck, Lea Thompson, is staking a claim for her place as “the first Marvel queen.” Thompson gave herself that title during a Facebook Live interview with Yahoo Movies, which briefly touched on Howard The Duck and the “resurgence” that the movie is enjoying these days.

“People love that movie,” Thompson said, adding that she loves Howard The Duck fans because “they’re iconoclasts” and they “don’t like to be told what to like and what to hate.” Thompson played a very ‘80s singer in the movie who helps the eponymous duck adjust to life on Earth, and though she’s happy with its legacy, she does regret that the film is “a …

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