Newswire: Howard & Hernandez’s Assassinistas open fire in this Black Crown exclusive

Action stories don’t usually traffic in complicated, nuanced family dynamics, but Assassinistas is aiming to do something different with the genre. Announced today at San Diego Comic-Con, Assassinistas is debuting as part of Black Crown, the new creator-owned IDW imprint from former Vertigo editor Shelly Bond, and takes a deeply personal approach to the familiar story of a professional killer forced out of retirement. Written by Tini Howard, a rising star who has done exceptional work on established properties like Power Rangers and The Magdalena, this series doesn’t shy away from the complexities of its characters, exploring how their careers affect their relationships with friends and family.

“I wrote a short story years ago, just for myself, about an assassin and her adult son, and the ways in which her job kept them from really connecting,” says Howard. “It was the first incarnation of Octavia and Dominic, our …

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